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Certified Seed

What is Certified Seed?

Certified seed is fundamental to modern agriculture. Certified seed is designed to preserve plant breeding efforts for the benefit of farmers and downstream manufacturers, such as the food industry. Certified seed is true-to-type and retains all the benefits developed by plant breeders. Certified seed undergoes a stringent, multi-generational production process, ensuring integrity and excellence.

Quality Assurance in Every Bag 

At Horizon Hemp Seeds, certified seed isn't just a tag. It's a testament to quality. Certified seed is inspected by third-party agencies. Horizon's certified seed guarantees varietal purity, superior germination, and freedom from impurities. Certified seed is key to a successful and commercially viable harvest.

The Certified Advantage

Choosing certified seed is a strategic investment in your farm's success. Horizon Hemp Seeds brings you the certainty of better quality, enhanced marketing opportunities, and exclusive access to varieties tailored to your growing conditions.

Navigating the Agricultural Landscape 

In a shifting agricultural landscape, the value chain model reigns supreme. Certified seed aligns seamlessly with this model, ensuring transparency from raw product to end-use. Your reputation hinges on consistency, and certified seed is your cornerstone for delivering quality, traceability, and customer satisfaction.

Certified Seed: A Pillar of Value Chains 

At Horizon Hemp Seeds, we recognize that certified seed is the bedrock of food, fuel, and fiber value chains. It encapsulates the full benefits of plant breeding programs, offering not just a variety but the best of that variety year after year. Stand assured, as our seed variety developers and distributors pledge their commitment to the excellence of certified seed.

Traceability and Consumer Confidence

In an era of specialization, our certified seed ensures varietal purity through meticulous isolation in production. Beyond being the starting point for traceability programs, certified seed opens doors and builds consumer confidence. As a supplier to the food chain, the origin, and quality of your grains and oilseeds grown from certified seed matter more than ever.

Horizon Hemp Seeds: Cultivating Success from Seed to Harvest

Partner with Horizon Hemp Seeds, your trusted ally in certified seed and agronomic services. Elevate your crop rotation with our genetics-to-harvest solutions, designed for row crop farmers venturing into industrial hemp. Let us cultivate success together, starting from the very foundation—certified seed.

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